Smarttek6 – Premium Shower Rose

Having a hot shower with the Smarttek6 has always been simple. One of the great features of the Smarttek6 to help you save valuable water is the ON/OFF switch on our Premium Shower Rose. When you are lathering up, you can slide the ON/OFF switch on the premium shower rose to the OFF position. ThPremium Sower Roseis will stop the pump/water flow and also safely shut down the Smarttek6. The flame will automatically cut out. This not only helps you save water but also the gas in  your LPG bottle.

When you are ready to rinse yourself, slide the  switch back to the ON position. The pump will turn back on, the Smarttek6 will automatically reignite and within seconds you are back enjoying that perfect hot shower again, no matter where you are!

Our premium shower roses can be purchased as an accessory for use in your home shower as well. With a 2m shower hose, it gives you that extra reach. The premium shower rose have 3 spray patterns to suit your style of showering.

The Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System is the ultimate in Water saving. You can take a 10 Liter bucket of water and have a 5 minute Hot Shower No Matter Where you are.

The Smarttek6 Comes with a 3 Year Manufactures Warranty.

When purchasing a Smarttek6 you get an incredible after sales service is 7 days a week, whether it Good Friday or Christmas day you will get through to one of our dedicated Team!!

You can now purchase your very own Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System for $50 off our Retail Price.

You will also receive a Free bonus Pump pack valued at $89.99

Enjoy Your Hot Water!!

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Premium Shower Rose
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