Outdoor Hot Shower………… Not Just For Camping

So you get home from your Camping trip, unpack your gear, give it everything a clean down and store it away. Now the last thing you unpack is your Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System and again you store that away not to be seen again until the next time you can get away, Right? Why not just simple hang your Smarttek6 Outside your home and have an Outdoor Hot Shower?

The Smarttek6 is the a multi-purpose Portable Hot Water System, Get yours Today Right Here.

Outdoor Hot ShowerWhen your not out Camping, Caravan or 4WD, Just hang it Out Side and use it as a Second shower!! Get Home from the Beach and have a nice hot Shower with your Smarttek6 before going inside.
Jump from the pool into your Smarttek6  and enjoy that nice Outdoor Hot Shower before going inside. Maybe you have been hard at work all day and been covered in all sorts of Mess, Keep your Partner happy and wash off Outside before trending god knows all through your nice clean house.

How would I set it up outside my House? Easy, The Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System has Large foldable handle, so you can Easily hang it anywhere you like.

Where Do I get my Water from? Simply plug in your garden hose direct to your Smarttek6 or use your free bonus pump pack and pump your water straight from a bucket to your Smarttek6. Its that easy!

The Smarttek6 is the ultimate Outdoor Hot Shower that you can easily use, whether your in the middle of the bush or at home you enjoy a nice shower no matter were you are.

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