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Outdoor Hot Shower………… Not Just For Camping

Outdoor Hot Shower………… Not Just For Camping

So you get home from your Camping trip, unpack your gear, give it everything a clean down and store it away. Now the last thing you unpack is your Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System and again you store that away not to be seen again until the next time you can get away, Right? Why not just simple hang your Smarttek6 Outside your home and have an Outdoor Hot Shower?

The Smarttek6 is the a multi-purpose Portable Hot Water System, Get yours Today Right Here.

Outdoor Hot ShowerWhen your not out Camping, Caravan or 4WD, Just hang it Out Side and use it as a Second shower!! Get Home from the Beach and have a nice hot Shower with your Smarttek6 before going inside.
Jump from the pool into your Smarttek6  and enjoy that nice Outdoor Hot Shower before going inside. Maybe you have been hard at work all day and been covered in all sorts of Mess, Keep your Partner happy and wash off Outside before trending god knows all through your nice clean house.

How would I set it up outside my House? Easy, The Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System has Large foldable handle, so you can Easily hang it anywhere you like.

Where Do I get my Water from? Simply plug in your garden hose direct to your Smarttek6 or use your free bonus pump pack and pump your water straight from a bucket to your Smarttek6. Its that easy!

The Smarttek6 is the ultimate Outdoor Hot Shower that you can easily use, whether your in the middle of the bush or at home you enjoy a nice shower no matter were you are.

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Camping Shower – Multiple Award Winning Patriot Campers

Camping Shower – Multiple Award Winning Patriot Campers

The Smarttek6 supplied with the multi award winning Patriot Campers.

All Smarttek6 owners get to enjoy one of the toughest and most reliable hot water systems on the market. Which comes with a standard 3 year warranty and have access to our after sales service 7 days a week up until 7pm.

See the award winning story  here

This Ain’t Luck.
The Patriot Camper X1, new for 2016
The Patriot Campers X1 Off Road Camper Trailer is the winner of the Camper trailer of the year award three years running (2014, 2015 & 2016).
“When we first met the Patriot X1 at the 2014 Camper Trailer of the Year what blew all the judges away was the comprehensive nature of the design and the quality of the finish.

“Understand, this was a camper that had been on the market for just three months. To get to that standard of finish and detailed complexity is usually the result of a decade or more of evolution and work.

camping shower

“Not surprisingly it won its category easily.
“Then last year, at Broken Hill’s COTY, it was again in the field and we expected maybe a handful of upgrades to what had already been a well packaged version the year before. We got a two A4 page list of upgrades and were simply blown away. Again. It cleared its category with ease.

“Then here it was again at Dargo, as the Limited Edition version, and again we had a long list of upgrades, and it’s got even better for 2016.”

For more information on our camping shower click here

Portable Hot Water System, The best Outdoor Hot Shower

Portable hot water system

Taking the Family camping this weekend? Want to make Camping more comfortable so you can take them camping more often? You need the Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System the ultimate Camping Shower, the Smarttek6 makes the whole trip more enjoyable for you and the whole family.

Now There is no need to go to bed smelling like a camp fire! The Smarttek6 is a Portable Gas Hot System, With its Light Weight and Compact design you can take it anytime time anywhere and enjoy a nice hot shower no matter where you are. You Can Set and Control your hot water to your comfort by a simple twist of a knob.

Portable hot water system

The Smart Hot Water System – Portable hot water system Gives instant Un-fluctuating Hot Water. We back our Water heater with a 3 Years Manufactures Warranty with a After Sales Service 7days till 7pm. Get Your Smart Hot Water System today and receive your FREE bonus pump 12v Pump Pack.

You can use this for:

Pet washing unit
Portable washing
Portable showering
Camping shower
Caravan shower
Camp shower

Buy the great portable hot shower now

Using a portable hot water system is very easy!

1. Simply hang your hot water system by using the handle provided

2. Connect the gas bottle using the gas regulated hose

3. Connect your shower hose and rose to the water outlet valve

4. Connect your water hose into the inlet valve

5. Insert 2 D Size batteries (Provided)

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