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Best hot shower setup for camping?

What is the Best hot shower setup for camping?

Do you find yourself asking this question over and over again? have you found the best hot shower setup for camping? is it spending wasted time boiling a kettle on the fire, mixing it, mixing it and mixing it hopefully getting the right amount of cold water so you might get half a second of a warm shower, thats if you don’t end up scalding yourself of coarse.
Or is it jumping into the creek with cake of soap but only to find its not the best idea in the middle of winter!!

What is the best hot water shower sebest hot shower setuptup for camping, its easy, its the Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System. Its the Easiest, Fastest and most efficient way to get nice hot water that you can control and use in a matter of seconds.

With the Smarttek6 you have literally taken the kitchen sink!! So you have Instant hot water with a flick of a switch and a turn of a knob. The Smarttek6 boasts full temperature control so that means you can set your Smart Hot Water System to your ideal temperature that’s not only set to your comfort but will deliver uninterrupted hot water the entire your in the shower, how many times can you say you have done that out at the campsite??

NO POWER NEEDED!! The Smarttek6 has battery ignition and operates on LPG Gas and incredibility your Smarttek6 only weighs 4.5Kg, it is the lightest part of your camping equipment.

How long does a Gas Bottle Last? You will get up 50 hours of showering time with a 9kg bottle, thus making the Smarttek6 very Economical.

How Much? We also have made the Smarttek6 Affordable, get the best hot water setup for Camping for only $349!!

The Real question is Why don’t you have the best hot water setup?

Plus Your going to get your free bonus Pump Pack Valued at $89.95 INCLUDED!!

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