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Portable Gas Hot Water, Telstra Awards Finalists

Smarttek, Portable Gas Hot Water Systems Recognized – 2016 Telstra Business Awards Finalists

The Smarttek6 is one of the most reliable portable gas hot water systems on the market with an incredible after sales service that is second to none.
The Smarttek Team pride them selves on good old fashion customer service. You will speak to a person that can help you out in the one simple phone call.

We will always go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are getting the most out of there Smarttek6.

Smarttek are a award winning team and have been recognized for our outstanding commitment to customer service and are your NSW 2016 Telstra Business Awards Finalist.
So you can safely say your in good hands when you purchase your smarttek6. Our Team Members are highly trained and can give you expert advise when it comes to your Hot Water needs.

The Smarttek6 is an ingenious portable gas hot water system which comes as a complete out of the box product.
All you need to do is purchase your very own Smart Hot Water system, grab your gas bottle and you have a nice how shower no mater where you are. With the Smarttek6 you have hot water on demand.

How Easy is it to use? it is as simple as;
1) Connect gas line
2) Connect hose outlet
3) Connect water inlet
and start enjoying reliable hot water.

The Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water system comes with a 3 year manufactures warranty.

Have the peace of mind that when you buy a Smarttek6 your buying reliability, your buying a system that will go the distance and most important of your buying from an Award winning team that you can call 7 days a week.

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