Looking for a Campertrailer Shower? Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water!!

Hooking up your Campertrailer and getting out  to the great outdoors is one of Australia’s favorite pass times. Your Campertrailer provides you with the necessary equipment and comforts to allow you to enjoy your camping trip. But wait a minute Campertrailer Shower? what do you have for showering? if you have a shower setup, could it be better? does it waste to much water? is that the reason you are now reading this article?

Look no further then the incredible Smarttek6, its a light weight portable gas hot water heater that gives instant hot water with a simple flick of a switch.
No more wasting your water!! the Smarttek6 is a tank-less hot water system so it only heats up water as you need it.
You dont need to wait for your hot water any more, the Smart Shower Rose has a on/off button, so all you need to it push the switch and your hot water will start to flow.

We are already supply the countries top Campertrailer Manufactures, for the simple reason the Smarttek6 is the Most Reliable and Most Robust System. We have interlocking components which means the Smarttek6 is Dust, Wind, Rain and Shock Resistant. You can put your Smarttek6 on your Camper and go down those hard corrugated roads and its not going to worry your system, the Smarttek6 can withstand up to 80km Wind.

The Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System is the Ultimate Campertrailer Shower, it really does give you reliable and constant hot water.

The Smarttek6 is available in over 190 retail stores across Australia and are in your top Campertrailer Manufactures.
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Your Smarttek6 is covered by a 3 year manufactures warranty and you have access to our Award winning after sales service 7 days a week.

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