Gas Hot Water – Smart Hot Water on Demand

Smarttek6 the Gas Hot Water System – Hot water not matter where you are!!

We all Love to get out the great our doors to enjoy the natural beauty of sun burnt land . Weather its hooking up the caravan or camper or dusting off the old trust tent and getting away from civilisation for a few days or weeks to get away from distraction of life and relax amongst family and friends in front of the camp fire.

As we all know it essential to be prepared and have all the gear you need to make your camping trip as enjoyable as possible especially when taking out the family. So what do gear do you pack? You of coarse pack your fishing rod, kayak, paddleboard and or the other fun stuff, then you the gear you need to make trip that much more comfortable so you pack things like the esky, BBQ, utensils, ect. What do you for bathing or showering? Just jump in the river or boil the kettle and spending more time then you should, taking away time away from the serenity of the camp fire and spending precious time with your loved ones, the answer to this is the Smarttek6 its a Gas Hot Water system that you will never leave home with out.

This Gas Hot waGas Hot Waterter system is fully portable and the lightest this you will have in your kit. The system on weights 4.5kg and comes with foldable handle, so all you need to do is simply take it from your kit and hang it from any were you like!! On the side of your camper or on the door of your caravan, hang it from a tree or simply hang from a star picket, you can put anywhere outside you like!!

The Smarttek6 gives instant hot water on demand, you don’t have to waste your time trying to light a pilot light, all you need to do is simply flick a switch and the system automatically ignites, it really is that easy. The Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water system gives you perfect hot showers every single time, it just like having a shower at home if not better.


Get your water from a bucket of water or just chuck your hose into a water source that next to the camp site and get your water that way it really is the easy!!

The Smarttek6 is the essential part of your outdoor gear, you wont leave home with out it!!

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