Hints tips and FAQ’s
Q: Why don’t I have any lights on my display screen?

A: There are a number of reasons you may be having this issue. Check out our simple 5 step troubleshooting video

Q: How long will the hot water last?
A: The Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System will supply an endless amount of instantaneous hot water so long as there is sufficient water flow and gas supplied to the unit. If you want to base it on a 9kg gas bottle you can get up to 16 hours of instantaneous hot water that is running it on maximum setting in the summer mode you can achieve up to 50 hours of instantaneous hot water from a 9kg gas bottle. Now that’s a lot of 5 and 10 minute showers.

Q: Does the Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System Meet the Australian Standards?
A: Yes, The Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System is Certified under the AS2658. You can check our certification by going to IAPMO R&T Oceana and typing GMK10507 .

Q: Can i plumb the Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System into my house?
A: No. This Smarttek6 is strictly for outdoor portable use only, It is not designed to be fixed and connected to reticulated piping.

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